Vegan Creamy Mushroom Soup

Soup is a great way to warm up in the cooler weather, especially if you’re stingy like me and dislike putting the heating on because heating = bills, and I’m not especially fond of bills. This soup is soupa easy and soupa simple. I’m so terribly sorry for those awful puns, I have a strange sort of affection for making terrible jokes and then laughing at how bad they are. It’s a peculiar hobby and I’m easily amused, what can I say.

Any way moving on, the soup.

For about six servings you’ll need the following;

  1. 600g/21oz white mushrooms, sliced
  2. One brown onion, chopped
  3. Four cloves of garlic, sliced
  4. Two teaspoons of dried parsley, two of tarragon and one of thyme
  5. One litre/34fl.oz of hot vegetable stock
  6. Salt and black pepper to taste

We’ll be making the soup creamy and thickening it with a roux, so for that you’ll need;

  1. Three tablespoons of plain flour
  2. Three tablespoons of oil
  3. 250ml/8.5fl.oz of vegetable stock
  4. 250ml/8.5fl.oz of non-dairy milk

Don’t bother too much about slicing everything very finely, you’ll be blitzing the life out of it later with a blender. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan over medium heat, add the garlic and fry for two minutes. Next add the onions, mushrooms and herbs and cook for about ten minutes until the mushrooms start releasing liquid. Then add the stock, increase the temperature until it simmers before returning it to a medium heat.

After another twenty minutes or so you can start working on the roux. In another pan over medium heat add the oil and flour and cook for two minutes whisking constantly. Slowly add the non-dairy milk and stock, again whisking constantly. As long as you add the liquid slowly you won’t get lumps, you’ll have a smooth and creamy sauce.

Add the sauce to the soup and blend everything with either an immersion blender or regular blender. I didn’t feel it needed more salt as the salt in the stock was sufficient, but I did add black pepper. Serve in warm bowls with hot buttered toast (with vegan butter of course).

Bye for now 🙂

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