Pea Pesto Penne

This is a simple pea pesto recipe that can be made using only a microwave and a food processor. How easy is that!

Yield; 300g(10oz)(ish) of pesto Cook time; Five minutes

You’ll need;

  1. 160g(5.5oz) fresh peas
  2. One large clove of garlic, chopped
  3. 50g(1.8oz) pine nuts
  4. 30g(1oz) vegan parmesan cheese, grated (Buy this from Tesco or Holland and Barrett)
  5. One tablespoon of dried basil
  6. One tablespoon of dried oregano
  7. Two tablespoons of oil
  8. The juice of one lemon


  • Cook the peas as per the instructions on the pack (I microwaved mine for two minutes).
  • Put everything into a food processor and blend for a couple of minutes, or until smooth. I ended up adding a couple of tablespoons of water to the mix to make sure it wasn’t too dry.
  • Refrigerate in an air tight container.

Boil some penne as per the instructions on the pack, then mix a few tablespoons of the pea pesto through it. Mix well to ensure each piece of penne is coated in the sauce. You could also spread the pesto onto bread, or use it as a dip too.

Bye for now 🙂


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