Mushroom & Pine Nut Spaghetti

Mushrooms, pine nuts and spaghetti in a creamy garlic and mushroom sauce. Toasting the pine nuts really brings out their buttery, nutty flavour. This in turn permeates through the sauce, making this a delicious savoury dish.

Yield; Two to three servings Cook time; 20 minutes

You’ll need;

  1. 40g (1.5oz) pine nuts
  2. One tablespoon of non-dairy margarine
  3. Three cloves of garlic, minced
  4. 250g(9oz) white mushrooms, sliced
  5. One tablespoon of plain, all purpose flour
  6. One teaspoon of both dried parsley and dried tarragon
  7. 100ml hot vegetable stock
  8. 50ml non-dairy milk
  9. One tablespoon non-dairy parmesan cheese (optional)


  • In a small saucepan over a medium heat, toast the pine nuts until they start to turn golden brown. This will only take about five minutes. Set aside once toasted.
  • In a frying pan over a medium heat, melt the non-dairy margarine. Once melted, add the garlic and cook for one minute.
  • Add the mushrooms, flour, herbs and non-dairy parmesan (if using). Cover with a lid and leave to cook for ten minutes.
  • While the mushrooms are cooking, boil the pasta as per the instructions on the packet.
  • Once the mushrooms start to release their liquid, add in the stock, non-dairy milk and half the pine nuts. Give everything a good mix and leave to cook for another five minutes.
  • Once the spaghetti is cooked, drain and mix it into the mushrooms. The liquid from the stock, milk and mushrooms will mix with the flour creating a rich sauce.
  • Serve immediately with the remaining pine nuts sprinkled over the top.


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