Vegan Rocky Road

Little squares of dark chocolate, chocolate digestive biscuits, cashew nuts and vegan marshmallows. A delicious sweet treat, especially when enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee or tea. These are really easy to whip up and the only appliance you need is a microwave, super simple and straightforward

Yield; 16 squares (150kcal per square approx) Cook time; 10 minutes

You’ll need;

  1. 200g/7oz dairy free chocolate, broken into squares
  2. 100g/3.5oz biscuits, broken into pieces
  3. 100g/3.5oz nuts (I used roasted and salted cashews)
  4. 75g/2.5oz marshmallows (you can get these from Holland and Barrett)


  • Add the biscuit pieces, nuts and marshmallows into a large mixing bowl and mix them together until well combined
  • Add the chocolate into a microwave safe bowl, microwave in short 10 second bursts, removing the bowl and stirring the chocolate each time. Melt the chocolate until it’s only just melted with unmelted pieces of chocolate left in the bowl, the residual heat will melt it the rest of the way. Give the chocolate a good stir until the chocolate has fully melted
  • Pour the chocolate into the mixing bowl and quickly begin to mix it through until everything is coated in chocolate
  • Then pour the mixture into a glass dish and flatten it down with the back of the spoon you used to mix with
  • Add the dish into the fridge and give it an hour to set. Once the mixture is set (providing the chocolate wasn’t over heated and has properly tempered) the rocky road should release when you upturn and tap the dish. Then simply chop it into squares and it’s ready to serve

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