Chilli Heatwave Tofu Chips/Fries

Tender smoked tofu with a crispy, spiced Doritos crumb coating. This recipe is inspired by the Chilli Heatwave chicken fries from Burger King. But I’m using smoked tofu, they’re baked not fried, and they’re totally plant based of course. The Chilli Heatwave flavour of Doritos is accidentally suitable for vegans, and makes for a great… Continue reading Chilli Heatwave Tofu Chips/Fries

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Stirrers

You can make a delicious cup of hot chocolate with these candy cane marshmallow hot chocolate stirrers. They’re easy to make, they make for a lovely handmade gift, and they’re fun to use. Just heat a cup of plant milk (I like to heat 200ml soy milk in the microwave) then pop the stirrer in… Continue reading Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Festive Rocky Road

These festive rocky road bites combine dairy free chocolate with mini marshmallows, spiced biscuits, cranberries, and a snowy dusting of icing sugar. The tartness of the cranberries, with the sweetness of the chocolate and marshmallow, and the spices in the biscuits make for a lovely festive flavour combination Yield; 20 pieces Prep time; 10 minutes,… Continue reading Festive Rocky Road