Dairy Free Cheeses by Food by Sumear

I’ll get right to it, these are the best vegan cheeses I’ve tried since becoming vegan. Something that immediately piqued my interest is that Sumear is an ex-dairy cheesemaker, the following is an excerpt from his website

“My job is to create authentic vegan cheese using the experience and techniques as an ex-dairy cheesemaker. By creating the cultures from scratch and understanding the science of cheesemaking, I am able to develop well rounded flavoured cheeses while achieving the right texture”
– www.foodbysumear.co.uk

So I decided to make an order,  I opted for crémou spread, original sharp cheese, young Rockhill cheese, and whiskey oak wood smoked cheese


Whiskey Oak Smoked Cheese

I decided to give this a try first, and right out of the wrapper the smell is amazing. It’s easy to slice thinly, and worked beautifully with the chive and extra virgin olive oil crackers I also ordered. It was difficult to not keep slicing and eating it! This would fit right in on any dairy free cheeseboard


Original Sharp Cheese

For this one I decided to try thin slices on a lightly toasted bagel, again it was easy to slice thinly. I loved sharp cheese when I was vegetarian, so it was a real treat to be able to have a lovely sharp cheese again. Again this cheese has a great flavour to it, lovely and creamy with a nice amount of tanginess to it too


Young Rockhill Cheese

This is the closest vegan cheese I’ve ever tasted to a dairy cheddar. The reason there’s nothing with the cheese pictured is because I just kept eating it on its own! It’s so rich, tasty, and creamy, it’s gorgeous


Crémou Spread

I wasn’t sure what to make of this when I first tried it. It tastes creamy and nutty, with a tanginess to it. I quickly wanted to try a little more, and more, before realising that I really enjoyed it. It just doesn’t taste like anything I’ve ever tried before


On the website it suggests stirring some through a spaghetti dish, so that’s exactly what I did. It added so much flavour to a simple tomato based pasta sauce, it was so moreish. I topped the spaghetti with some finely grated sharp cheese, and it was such a delicious meal


I enjoyed every bite, I didn’t keep a track of exactly how I made the sauce, as I’d never cooked with the crémou before. But it’s definitely something that I will be making again


I’d definitely recommend trying something from Food By Sumear, CLick Here to check out his products

Please Note – I bought all the products featured here. This is not an advertisement, I just absolutely love his cheese

4 thoughts on “Dairy Free Cheeses by Food by Sumear

  1. You have tempted me!!
    I just bought a cheese box with all the cheeses you mentioned, plus another one and their onion and port chutney. It should be delivered next week. How exciting!!! Jack will wonder why I am splurging on cheese when we are supposed to be saving all our pennies for the wedding…and I will tell him it is all Bethany’s fault!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Bethany, I am so excited about them. I think I have mentioned to you before that I have been a vegetarian since I was six, but I also have a dairy intolerance. So vegan cheeses are exciting to me as I love cheese. I read a lot about of the information on the website you linked to before I decided to place an order. It really made me eager to try them. Five cheeses on the way plus my chutney – I think we need a vegan cheese and wine night!!


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