Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Stirrers

You can make a delicious cup of hot chocolate with these candy cane marshmallow hot chocolate stirrers. They’re easy to make, they make for a lovely handmade gift, and they’re fun to use. Just heat a cup of plant milk (I like to heat 200ml soy milk in the microwave) then pop the stirrer in and stir until the chocolate melts into the milk

To make these you’ll need an ice cube tray, it’s up to you how large of a tray you’d like to use. The larger the size of the cubes, the more chocolate, so the richer your hot chocolate will be. The hot chocolate stirrers pictured here were made using a smaller ice cube tray with 90g of chocolate, which suited me personally

Yield; Six stirrers Prep time; 10 minutes

You’ll need;

  1. Six candy canes
  2. Six gelatin free marshmallows
  3. 90g-180g dairy free chocolate


  • Start by carefully removing the plastic wrapping from the candy canes. Next take a sharp knife and cut a slit in each marshmallow
  • Push one marshmallow onto the end of each candy cane, leaving room for the chocolate
  • Next, break the chocolate into small pieces and put it into a microwave safe dish. Microwave on half power for a minute or so, until the chocolate has melted. Alternatively, microwave on full power in ten second bursts, stirring the chocolate each time
  • Once the chocolate has fully melted, carefully spoon it into an ice cube tray. Leave the chocolate for a couple of minutes to start to cool, then put the candy canes into the chocolate. You might want to lean the candy canes against something (like some tins, a wall, etc) so they stay upright
  • When the chocolate has set, carefully remove them from the tray and they’re ready to use

Keep your hot chocolate stirrers in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, don’t store them in the fridge

If you’d like to give these as a gift, pop each one into its own cellophane bag and securely tie it closed. Put a couple of stirrers into a festive mug for a lovely vegan handmade present

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