Vegan Rocky Road

These rocky road bites contain marshmallows, oat biscuits, peanuts and raisins wrapped in dairy free milk chocolate. They’re easy to make, and easy to customise to suit your tastes. They’re ideal for an afternoon snack, added into a packed lunch, or for a picnic

Yield; 16 rocky road bites Prep time; 10 minutes

You’ll need;

  1. 250g dairy free chocolate, I used Cadbury’s Plant Bar which I bought from B&M for 49p a bar. They’re still selling them for 49p a bar at the time of writing
  2. 200g biscuits, I used oat biscuits from Tesco
  3. 100g vegan marshmallows, I used Veganic Marshmallows by Freedom Mallows which were kindly sent to me (AD/PR sample) I’m under no obligation to use them in recipes, and my opinions are my own
  4. 100g of peanuts and raisins


  • Start by adding the biscuits into a mixing bowl, then break them down until you have some larger pieces of biscuits and biscuits crumbs. Then add in the marshmallows, I cut them in half, and finally add the peanuts and raisins
  • Next, break the chocolate into small pieces, then add it into a microwave safe bowl. Melt it in a microwave by either microwaving at full power for 10 seconds at a time, stirring each time. Or by microwaving at half power for 30 seconds at a time, again stirring after each time
  • Once the chocolate has melted, pour it into the mixing bowl. Give everything a good mix and ensure everything is covered in the chocolate
  • Line a dish with baking paper and spoon the mixture into it, pushing it down with the back of a spoon
  • Refrigerate for a couple of hours, or overnight, before slicing and serving

I’d recommend storing them in an air tight container in the fridge, they should keep well for at least a couple of weeks

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