Cooking With Scrambled Oggs

When I was vegetarian I loved eggs, I was that person who said they couldn’t be vegan because they’d miss eggs. While I do really enjoy a good Tofu Scramble I’ve also wanted to use other egg alternatives. I’ve posted before about using Crackd, so I was curious to see how Scrambled Oggs would compare

The first thing I attempted was a basic scramble. I thought the texture felt like eggs, and once I’d added black pepper and black salt it really tasted like eggs too. I cooked it as per the instructions on the pack, and it went really well as part of a cooked breakfast

Next, I wanted to try making an omelette, I used to love them when I was vegetarian and haven’t eaten one in nearly seven years

Button Mushroom, Garlic and Spring Onion Omelette

Yield; One omelette Cook time; 10 minutes

You’ll need;

  1. 115ml Scrambled Oggs
  2. 20ml plant milk
  3. A tablespoon of oil
  4. 75g button chestnut mushrooms, sliced
  5. One clove of garlic, minced
  6. One spring onion, thinly sliced
  7. Black salt and black pepper to taste


  • Add the Scrambled Oggs and milk into a jug, whisk together until they’re both well combined
  • Add the oil into a frying pan over a medium heat. Pop the mushrooms in and give them five minutes to cook, stirring every now and then
  • Next add in the garlic and spring onion, give them a minute to cook and then add the scrambled Oggs and milk mixture. Pour the mixture evenly over the mushrooms, try to get it into a nice even layer
  • Leave the omelette to cook for another five minutes, or until it’s set. Once it’s done, season with black pepper and black salt, fold the omelette in half and then serve

This is how I preferred to make omelettes when I ate eggs, and making this brought back those memories. I’ve only really been able to make baked omelettes with Crackd previously, which was fine, but it wasn’t the cooking method I was most familiar with. I think having vegan replacements that are cooked like their non-vegan versions, is the most appealing to me

I really enjoyed the omelette, I’ve been vegan for nearly seven years now, so to be able to have them again in this way is awesome. I also find Scrambled Oggs very easy to cook with, and easy to use

You can get Scrambled Oggs nationwide from Sainsbury’s, it’s in the chilled section and costs £3.25. I was kindly sent some Scrambled Oggs for free as a PR sample, but I’m under no obligation to post about them, and all opinions expressed are my own

One thought on “Cooking With Scrambled Oggs

  1. This looks wonderful. I have 2 ways of making vegan scrambled eggs or omelets: using chick pea flour (for that recipe, see my post called Frittata Primavera under my recipes category) or tofu combined with veggies and just the right spices. Both so delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe! 🌞


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