Vegan Cheese & Tomato Sausage Pasta

Al dente pasta, mushroom, peppers and sausage in a cheese and tomato sauce, completely vegan of course. You can use whatever meat free sausages you like, and whatever dairy free cheese you like too, pretty much anything will work for this. Dairy free cheese just keeps getting better and better. I won’t lie, a few years ago it really wasn’t that great, only in my opinion of course. But as demand has increased, so has the availability, quality, and quantity of vegan cheeses. If you’re missing cheese, my biggest piece of advice is keep trying different vegan cheeses until you find one you enjoy

Yield; Four servings (500kcal per serving approx) Cook time; 25 minutes

You’ll need;

  1. 6 meat free sausages, I used Shroomdog sausages from Sainsburys
  2. 300g/10.5oz (dry weight) pasta

For the cheese and tomato sauce you’ll need

  1. One tablespoon of oil
  2. Two large spring onions, sliced
  3. One or two cloves of garlic, minced
  4. One pepper, sliced
  5. 300g/10.5oz chestnut mushrooms, chopped
  6. One 400g/14oz tin of chopped tomatoes, blend until smooth for a smoother sauce
  7. 200ml unsweetened plant milk
  8. 100g/3.5oz dairy free cheese, grated, I used red Leicester by Sheese
  9. Herbs; half a teaspoon of the following dried herbs; basil, oregano, tarragon and parsley
  10. Salt and pepper to taste


  • Firstly cook the sausages as per the instructions on the packet. Once cooked, chop each sausage into 5 or 6 pieces then set aside
  • Next, move onto the sauce. In a large frying pan over a medium heat, add the oil and garlic, cook for a minute before adding the spring onion. Allow that to cook for a couple of minutes, then add the peppers and mushrooms
  • After the peppers and mushrooms have been cooking for about 10 minutes, add the tomatoes, milk and cheese. Season with the herbs, then salt and pepper to taste. Cover with a lid, then increase the heat slightly and leave to simmer for another 10 minutes
  • While the sauce is simmering away, cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packet. Once cooked, drain and add into the sauce along with the chopped sausage you cooked earlier
  • Stir well to combine and evenly coat everything in the sauce. Give it another couple of minutes or so for the sausage pieces to heat through, then spoon into bowls and serve

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