Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie

Kick your cheese toastie up a notch with this garlic bread twist. It’s simple and quick to make, and makes for a lovely lunch, especially when paired with a bowl of tomato soup


Yield; Five servings, or enough for five sandwiches Cook time; 15 minutes

To make the garlic and parsley “butter” you’ll need;

  1. Two tablespoons of dairy free butter/spread
  2. Half a teaspoon of garlic powder
  3. A quarter of a teaspoon of dried parsley
  4. A pinch of salt


  • All you need to do is mix everything listed above together. I popped everything into a ramekin and mixed well to combineDSC_1925-picsay

To make your toastie you’ll need;

  1. Two slices of bread
  2. Vegan cheese, use a cheese that melts. I went with two slices of Violife cheese
  3. A little of the garlic and parsley butter


  • Spread a little of the butter onto the outside of the bread, the side that will be in contact with the pan
  • Add one piece of bread butter side down, onto the other piece of bread. Pop the cheese on top
  • Pop the piece of bread topped with cheese into a frying pan over a medium heat. Top it with the other piece of bread, butter side up
  • Once one side has toasted, flip it over for the other side to toast
  • When the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted it’s ready to serve


Any leftover garlic and parsley butter can be used to make more toasties, spread onto baked potatoes or corn on the cob. It would also be lovely stirred through mashed potato, or melted onto warm bread rolls

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