Smoked Tofu Fries/Chips

These oil free smoked tofu chips have a lovely crisp coating, with firm tofu inside, and they’re really easy to make. They’d go really well as a side with all sorts of things, or enjoy them with your favourite dips

Yield; Two to three servings Cook time; 15-20 minutes

You’ll need;

  1. One 225g block of extra firm smoked tofu, I used tofu by Tofoo
  2. One tablespoon of plain, all purpose flour
  3. Two teaspoons of nutritional yeast
  4. Half a teaspoon of onion granules
  5. Half a teaspoon of garlic granules
  6. Half a teaspoon of mixed herbs
  7. Salt and black pepper to taste


  • Start by adding everything apart from the tofu into a mixing bowl, give it a quick mix to combine
  • Next, open the tofu, drain away the liquid and pat it dry. Slice it into 24(ish) long thin pieces
  • Add the tofu into the mixing bowl, and mix until the tofu is evenly coated
  • Pop the chips onto a lined baking tray, then bake at 180°C/160°C fan assisted for 15-20 minutes, turning half way through
  • Once they’re crispy and golden in colour, they’re ready to serve

It’s up to you how crispy you’d like your chips to be. I like them to be crispy, but if you’d like more of a crunch then leave them in for 20-25 minutes. Just be sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn

Serve them with your favourite dips, I prefer egg free mayo personally, but they’d go well with ketchup, barbecue sauce, burger sauce, anything you like

My partner tried these chips, and he usually doesn’t care at all for tofu, but he loved these! So if you’ve not had much luck finding a way to enjoy tofu, give this a try and see what you think

5 thoughts on “Smoked Tofu Fries/Chips

    1. Maybe it’s something an Asian supermarket might have. We have smoked tofu available in most supermarkets here, but I should imagine Asian supermarkets might have it too. It will also work with non-smoked tofu too 🙂💚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes it will work with non-smoked tofu too. If you use extra firm tofu (like I did for this) it won’t need to be pressed, if you use firm tofu it will need to be pressed beforehand. Hope this helps 💚


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