Chilli Heatwave Tofu Chips/Fries

Tender smoked tofu with a crispy, spiced Doritos crumb coating. This recipe is inspired by the Chilli Heatwave chicken fries from Burger King. But I’m using smoked tofu, they’re baked not fried, and they’re totally plant based of course. The Chilli Heatwave flavour of Doritos is accidentally suitable for vegans, and makes for a great… Continue reading Chilli Heatwave Tofu Chips/Fries

Cheesy Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I swear these sprouts would be enough to sway even the most ardent of sprout haters. The loose leaves go wonderfully crispy, the sprouts caramelise on the outside, and are perfectly tender inside. Roasting them also brings out their lovely nutty flavour. They’re incredibly easy to make, they just require a little prep, then the… Continue reading Cheesy Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Roasted Pepper & Feta Style Cheese Dip

This dip has a smoky, creamy flavour, with a little warmth and sweetness. It’s ideal with bread or veggie sticks, spread onto sandwiches, or added to sauces for a lovely pop of flavour Yield; 335g of dip Cook time; 45 minutes You’ll need; Three red peppers, deseeded and cut into large pieces. Alternatively use 185g… Continue reading Roasted Pepper & Feta Style Cheese Dip

Rainbow Couscous with Pickled Red Onion

A quick and easy salad topped with crisp pickled red onion. You can use the onions to add a tangy, sweet crunch to burgers, sandwiches, salads, tacos, anything you like. They’re very easy to make, have a great flavour, crisp texture, and add a pretty pop of colour too Pickled Red Onions You’ll need; One… Continue reading Rainbow Couscous with Pickled Red Onion