Vegan Cornish Pasties

I love pasties, but sadly getting a hold of vegan pasties can be difficult as pasties normally contain animal products. However, it’s pretty easy to make your own, so I thought I’d share my recipe for Cornish pasties. For the meat element I went with seitan, but you could choose to use mock beef. Fry’s make lovely beef style strips that would work well for this. No need to miss out on pasties!

Yield; 7 pasties (275kcal per pasty) Cook time; 45-50 minutes

You’ll need;

  1. 150g/5oz potato
  2. 150g/5oz seitan/mock beef (CLICK HERE to go to my seitan recipe)
  3. 75g/2.5oz swede
  4. 75g/2.5oz onion
  5. 375g/13oz pre-rolled shortcrust pastry
  6. Salt and black pepper
  7. Three tablespoons of unsweetened plant milk
  8. A few tablespoons of plain flour


  • Peel and diced the potato, swede and onion, then add them into a mixing bowl. Ensure the vegetables are diced into similar sized pieces, this will mean they cook evenly. Crumble the seitan/mock beef into bite sized pieces and add them into the mixing bowl tooDSC_0301-picsay.JPG
  • Season the vegetable mixture generously with salt and black pepper, then mix well to combine
  • Unroll the pastry and cut it into seven circles (I just used a small side plate and cut around that using a sharp knife) you will have to gather pastry scraps and re-roll it to get the seven. Just make sure your working surface and rolling pin are well floured
  • Line a couple of baking sheets with baking paper and pop the pastry circles onto it. Spoon the filling onto half of each circle, leaving enough room to seal it. Once all the filling is onto the pastry, use your finger or a pastry brush to add milk to the edges of each pastry circle
  • Fold each half of the pastry over the filling and press down to seal. You can crimp it closed, but I prefer to just use a fork to ensure it’s sealed. I find that method to be easier
  • Cut slits in the top of each pasty, this will allow steam to escape, now they should be looking like thisDSC_0303-picsay-2.JPG
  • At this point you can pop them into the fridge to chill, then preheat your oven to 170ºC/160ºC fan assisted/320ºF
  • Once your oven is at temperature, take your pasties out of the fridge and use a pastry brush to give them a good wash with plant milk. Bake for 45-50 minutes, or until they’re golden brownDSC_0320-picsayeeee.JPG

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