Easy Vegan Sushi

You can make easy vegan sushi with Yutaka Sushi Roll Kit check it out HERE. I’ve never made sushi before, so I was expecting a fail, but it works so well! You get everything you need in the kit, you just have to choose your fillings. The instructions are very clear, easy to follow, and it’s really fun too. I was gifted this, and am under no obligation to post, all thoughts expressed here are my own


The kit comes with a bamboo rolling mat, two sheets of nori, sushi rice, sushi vinegar, wasabi and soy sauce. It also comes with clear, easy to follow, step by step instructions. It explains how to cook and season the rice, how to roll the sushi, and how to make three different types of sushi rolls; chumaki, hosomaki and uramaki


I decided to make some simple vegetable chumaki, so I started by preparing cucumber, sweet peppers and carrot


After the rice was cooked, I added the seasoning and folded it through. Then I went on to making the rolls


This was the bit I was thinking that I’d mess up. Especially as I’ve never done this before. But it was pretty simple and straight forward. So I added my filling, rolled, then sliced


I would definitely recommend these kits. They’re really well put together, easy to follow and fun to use


CLICK HERE for a full list of where you can get a hold of Yutaka products

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