Vegan Cheese Board Ideas

No need to miss out on cheese when you’re vegan. I thought I’d share a few cheese board suggestions. If you want to recreate this exact cheese board, I’ll note down everything I used

You’ll need;

  1. 200g ASDA mature cheddar alternative
  2. 200g ASDA garlic and chive
  3. 200g ASDA Wensleydale and cranberries
  4. Tesco salt and pepper crackers
  5. Tesco high baked water biscuits
  6. Tesco ploughman’s plum chutney
  7. Sliced apples and grapes

A few notes;

  • Other cheese suggestions; Smoked gouda by Follow Your Heart is lovely. Most supermarkets sell free from soft cheese, that would be a nice addition. Violife have a variety of cheeses, including Greek white cheese, smoked cheese, cheddar cheese and more, so definitely give those a try
  • Cheese goes well with both salty and sweet flavours, so in addition to the salty savoury crackers, add fresh or dried fruit to the cheese board. Other salty/savoury snack foods you could serve; slices of mock meat, salted nuts and seeds or meat free pรขtรฉ
  • Don’t forget the condiments. I chose to go with plum chutney, but you could also opt for jams, mustards or pickle to serve with the cheese
  • You don’t have to stick with crackers either, you could also choose crispbreads, breadsticks or slices of fresh crusty bread
  • Lastly, to really make your cheese board look as impressive and as enticing as possible, make sure to fill any gaps. Garnish the board and fill gaps with fruits, nuts, olives or fresh herbs. But most importantly, just include things you like and have fun with it

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