Vegan Sour Cream

After failing to find some dairy free sour cream to buy, I thought I’d have a try at making some. This is just as thick and creamy, with the same familiar tangy flavour, but totally plant based. The base is silken tofu, which gives a lovely rich, creaminess to it and means it’s a good source of protein too


You’ll need;

  1. One 350g/12oz of silken tofu. You can get this from most supermarkets, it will be in a tetra pack in the shelf table section, usually with the tinned products and dried pasta etc
  2. The juice of half a lemon*
  3. Two teaspoons of white wine vinegar*
  4. One quarter of a teaspoon of salt
  5. One quarter of a teaspoon of garlic powder


  • Put the tofu, lemon juice, vinegar, salt and garlic into a blender/food processor. Blend until completely smooth. * =  you may wish you adjust the lemon juice and vinegar amounts, depending on how tangy you want the sour cream to be
  • Refrigerate in an air tight container for a minimum of 30 minutes before using
  • Serve with nachos, tacos, anything you would normally eat sour cream with


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