Chilli Heatwave Tofu Chips/Fries

Tender smoked tofu with a crispy, spiced Doritos crumb coating. This recipe is inspired by the Chilli Heatwave chicken fries from Burger King. But I’m using smoked tofu, they’re baked not fried, and they’re totally plant based of course. The Chilli Heatwave flavour of Doritos is accidentally suitable for vegans, and makes for a great… Continue reading Chilli Heatwave Tofu Chips/Fries

Spring Onion & Chive Cream Cheese

This creamy, dairy free cream cheese is lovely on toast, bagels, or crackers. You can also stir it through mashed potato, fried mushrooms or cooked pasta. It’s easy to make, a good source of protein, and low in fat Yield; 300g of cream cheese Prep time; An hour You’ll need; 300g firm tofu Two tablespoons… Continue reading Spring Onion & Chive Cream Cheese

Cheesy Garlic & Chive Vegan Scrambled “Eggs” – Gordon Ramsay Style

When I was vegetarian I learned to make creamy, soft scrambled eggs from Gordon Ramsay, via a video on YouTube. This is my veganised version of that, adding in some dairy free cheese, garlic and chives. These creamy tofu scrambled “eggs” are great on toast, or as part of a cooked breakfast, along with fried… Continue reading Cheesy Garlic & Chive Vegan Scrambled “Eggs” – Gordon Ramsay Style