Easy Vegan Party Food

I thought I’d share some easy vegan party food suggestions, as they might (hopefully!) come in handy over the festive period. Starting with an old classic, vol au vents. Jus Rol make vol au vents that are vegan friendly,  so all you need to do is bake and fill them. You can also buy ready baked vol au vents too if you prefer, Aldi sell accidentally vegan vol au vent cases. When it comes to the filling, I went with a creamy vegan egg and cress. If you want the recipe for the filling Click Here I just topped each one with a pinch of smoked paprika and fresh parsley. I used to love egg and cress vol au vents when I was a kid, so it’s awesome to still be able to enjoy the vegan version of them

To go to any of the recipes in this post, just click or tap on the bold, underlined title of each one, it will open in a new window


Some other fillings that work well for vol au vents;

  1. Coronation Chickpea
  2. “Tuna” Mayo & Sweetcorn
  3. Curried “Egg” Salad
  4. Vegan Cheese & Onion Sandwich Filler
  5. Or you could use the filling from my Vegan Festive Slice

The great thing about vol au vent fillings is they can generally be used as sandwich fillings too. So if you have leftover filling, you can whip up some finger sandwiches with them

Some recipes that would be good party food

  1. Mini Vegan Cheese Straws – this one is quick and easy to make, they’re really moreish, and they can be made ahead of time to cut down on prep time later
  2. Vegan Baked Cheese & Cranberry Dip – you could serve this with bread, crackers or vegetable sticks. The cranberry works so well with the cheese
  3. Baked Tofu Chips/Fries – here’s another simple recipe that you could serve with any condiments you like
  4. Vegan Pizza Potato Skins – here’s another crowd pleaser, serve with extra marinara sauce for dipping
  5. Vegan Cheese & Spring Onion Pull Apart Bread – this is so easy to make and is fun to pull apart and eat
  6. Spring Green Vegetable Tarts  – here’s another simple recipe that can be made ahead of time. Just slice each tart into two or three pieces for smaller bites
  7. Vegan Loaded “Chicken” Fajita Nachos – definitely one to make for people who are into their mock meats. I used no chick strips from Iceland to make this

Shop Bought Party Food

There’s always the option of buying party food from supermarkets too. The range of vegan friendly party food that supermarkets offer just gets bigger and more creative. You can get all sorts, even vegan “pork” belly bites! These are from Sainsbury’s and come with 10 bites in each pack, along with a dipping sauce


I’ve never eaten pork belly, so I didn’t really have much to compare these too. I did enjoy them though, and it’s wonderful that companies are being so creative when making plant based food

I hope these recipes and suggestions have been of some help

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