Vegan Sandwich Ideas

I got a few questions recently over on my Instagram (click here to go to my Instagram) about vegan sandwich fillings. So I thought I’d share some of my recipes for vegan sandwich fillings, and a couple of my picnic loaf recipes too. Just click or tap on each underlined title to go to the recipe

Of course you can always go with vegan mock meats, dairy free cheese and other things like cucumber, tomato or sandwich pickle. Some mock meats I like are Quorn “chicken” and “ham” slices, and Violife original slices. They’re available from most supermarkets and are handy when you want a quick sandwich. Most sandwich pickle is suitable for vegans, but I always check the ingredients to be sure


If  you have a bit more time you can make these sandwich fillings. Which are both great for sandwiches, and as baked potato toppings

Just click or tap on each underlined recipe title, it will open the recipe in a new window

Vegan Egg & Cress


Starting with my veganised classic, egg and cress. I used to love egg and cress when I was vegetarian. Tofu works brilliantly to replicate the texture of egg, and adding black salt (also known as kala namak) gives this an authentic egg flavour. I buy black salt from amazon, as I like to read the reviews to make sure it’s the right stuff. You can also buy it from Asian supermarkets

It’s also good to point out that you can eat tofu right out of the pack. The texture works best this way, you only need to pat it dry then it’s ready to use

Curried “Egg” Salad


Similar to my veganised egg and cress recipe, but with added curry powder for a different twist. Packed with plant based protein, and it’s really quick and easy to whip up

Coronation Chickpea


If mock meats aren’t for you, you might like this Coronation chickpea sandwich filling. It’s creamy with a delicious curry spiced flavour, just like Coronation chicken but with chickpeas instead

“Chicken” and Sweetcorn Sandwich Filler


If mock meats are your thing, you might like this creamy “chicken” and sweetcorn sandwich filling. You can also stir this through pasta for a lovely pasta salad. I used Fry’s chicken style strips for this, but other mock chicken will work well too

Vegan Coronation Chicken


Again, if you like mock meats, you might like to try out this meaty Coronation “chicken”. Great for sandwiches, baked potatoes or eat it with a fresh green salad. It was lovely inside a crusty white baguette with some sliced tomato and baby spinach

Tomato & Herb Tofu Sandwich Slices


If you’d prefer to go with tofu, then these tomato and herb slices might be for you. Just add them into your sandwich along with whatever else you like. Draining, pressing then marinating the tofu before you cook it will give it a lovely flavour

Vegan Cheese & Onion Sandwich Filler


If you like dairy free cheese, then this dairy free cheese and onion sandwich filler would be great. I shared which cheese I used, but feel free to swap this for your favourite vegan cheese. I find that Violife’s Epic Mature cheese would work best for this, as it’s incredibly similar to dairy cheese. I buy the epic mature cheese from Sainsbury’s

“Tuna” Mayo & Sweetcorn


This chickpea based sandwich filling would be ideal for sandwiches. It uses seaweed snacks, which naturally give this a fishy sort of flavour. Perfect along with some mayo and sweetcorn, it’s great for sandwiches

Seitan & Dairy Free Cheese Picnic Loaf


Now for something slightly different options. A picnic loaf is a fun take on a sandwich. You just hollow out a loaf of bread, stuff it with your favourite fillings, then slice and serve when you’re ready. Here are two of my picnic loaf recipes. Starting with this seitan and cheese picnic loaf

Roast Vegetable Picnic Loaf


If mock meat and dairy free cheese isn’t for you, you could try this roasted vegetable and houmous picnic loaf. Again I’ve listed the vegetables I’ve used, but feel free to swap them if preferred. I’ve also included how I make my no added oil houmous in this post, which would be great for all sorts of sandwiches

I hope this has given you some ideas or inspiration for making some awesome vegan sandwiches

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