Vegan Picnic Food

As the weather is fast becoming more picnic friendly, I thought I’d share some of my recipes that would be perfect for a picnic. I’ve included links to all the recipes, so you can recreate them if you wish, or just use them as ideas to build from

Picnic Loaf – Let’s start with this simple twist on a regular sandwich. Take a loaf of bread, slice off the top, scoop out the bread, then fill it up. You can customise this to suit your tastes. Some good fillings that I enjoy; roasted vegetables, houmous, soft cheese, dairy free cheese slices, mock meats, sliced fresh veggies (like tomatoes or cucumber)
If you want some ideas of what fillings to use, here’s my Roast Vegetable Picnic Loaf
DSC_0227-picsayzzzz.JPGThis is my Seitan & Dairy Free Cheese Picnic Loaf
DSC_0034-picsay.JPGOne thing that I’ll mention is to keep in mind the moisture content. The bread can absorb flavours well, but you don’t want to go over the top. I generally blot fresh vegetables a little (things like sliced tomato). Whereas roasted vegetables already have a fair amount of their moisture removed, so they’re good to go

Next up; Pasties – Most shop bought pastry is accidentally suitable for vegans, so you could make some pasties to eat at your picnic. Again you can vary the fillings to suit different tastes. I’ll include some of my recipes that have gone down well with people. Starting with Mini Chicken and Vegetable Pasties
DSC_0082-picsay.JPGOr you could go for these Vegan Cheesy Garlic Knots. They’re not technically a pasty, but they are made with pastry, and are easy, tasty and very moreish
Next up – Salad – Simple, colourful and easy to throw together. Here’s a Pasta Salad with a Creamy Houmous Dressing recipe you might like. I mean combining pasta with houmous, who could go wrong with that!
Or try this Blanched Broccoli Salad great to get those greens in
On to – Sandwich Fillings – Maybe you would prefer to make a few simple sandwiches instead of a picnic loaf. Let’s start with Vegan Egg Salad 
This is made with tofu and has been a real hit on My Instagram. It’s so close to egg in both taste and texture. It was actually so convincing, that someone didn’t believe it was tofu, “knew” it was eggs, and then blocked me. Which I take as high praise!

Or maybe this meaty Easy Vegan Coronation Chicken
Just as tasty as the meat version, but completely vegan. Great for filling sandwiches or baguettes with

Finally – Something Sweet – I’ll end with this simple cookie recipe. Just as a little something sweet mixed in. Almond Butter & Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, but they’re also very simple to make. There are no strange egg replacers needed with these cookies

Happy picnicking!


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