Vegan Barbecue Food

“Vegan” and “barbecue” might not be two words you’d think would go together. As typically when you hear “barbecue” you think of meaty burgers, sausages and kebabs. But there are plenty of ways to have a completely vegan barbecue, without sacrificing flavour or texture. Click the links that are in bold to go to the recipes

Burgers & Sausages – Most supermarkets (at least here in the UK) will sell meat free burgers, sausages and other mock meats that would be great cooked on a barbecue. You can find them in either the chilled section (with the tofu etc) or the frozen vegetarian section (just check for egg and dairy). You can also use my Seitan (Wheat gluten mock meat) recipe to make burgers or sausages with. Just shape them appropriately before cooking, then barbecue them to get those authentic looking grill marks
Vegan Kebabs – You can use vegan mock meat and your favourite vegetables to make some great kebabs with. Like these Maple & Mustard Glazed Chicken KebabsDSC_0230-picsay.JPGOr these meaty Vegan Chicken Tikka Masala Kebabs
One thing to note when using wooden skewers – To prevent the skewers drying out/burning, soak them in water before assembling the kebabs. Just watch your fingertips and don’t stab yourself. Vegans are against hurting animals, and don’t forget that humans are animals too

Next – Side Dishes – Corn on the cob always goes down well. Especially when it’s Garlic & Parsley Buttered Corn This is a tasty way to crunch through some sweetcorn. Remember to have some napkins on hand though, things can get a bit messy
DSC_0028-picsay.JPGAnother couple of barbecue staples Creamy Garlic and Herb Potato Salad
DSC_0007-picsayttt-picsayNot forgetting this Simple Vegan Coleslaw
Something Sweet –
Finally how about something to cool off with. There are various different dairy free ice creams that you can buy from most supermarkets. Or you could try some vegan nice cream. Frozen bananas make up the base of nice cream, then you can add various different other things. Like this Chocolate & Banana Ice Cream
DSC_0005-picsay-1Or maybe this fruity Tropical Fruit Nice Cream
Feel free to use these recipes to replicate the food exactly, or use them as ideas to build from

Happy barbecuing!

4 thoughts on “Vegan Barbecue Food

  1. Wow – This is a wonderful post! I would really like to re-blog this on my site because I live in Texas where everybody thinks they’re all about barbecue (mostly animal meat) — but I think your barbecue looks far more appetizing, and probably tastes better! Cap that off with those lovely non-dairy deserts and who could ask for a better weekend.
    Thank you!

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